recipe club: brunch

for this month's recipe club, i hosted at my house & got to pick the theme. brunch was a no-brainer for many reasons. i love breakfast. brunch. brinner. breakfast food is on the top of my food hierarchy.
 homemade magelby's syrup as take home gifts & photography by Nicole
i also got an excuse to make a family recipe that we only eat on Christmas morning.
ham & brie strata! it's delicious.

some other favorites were coconut bread! yes that one!
sugar cookie tarts & homemade granola parfaits
blueberry scones & pancake egg cups
and the most insane creme brulee french toast with raspberry syrup.
most likely the most fattening meal i've ever eaten, but worth every bite!
we tend to eat a huge breakfast after the 4th of July parade every year so i'm going to have to recreate a few of these. 
if you're brunching this weekend & need a good recipe... 
i've got about 7 in this google doc. 

happy 4th of july!!


Griffin and Gretchen said...

breakfast is the best! everything looks delish!

Bridget said...

so attractive too! those parfaits are adorable!

amanda said...

That looks amazing! Can you share your ham & brie strata recipe?

Suzy said...

Wow that looks DIVINE! I agree that breakfast foods are delicious, any time of day!

Emma said...

okay amazing! thanks for sharing the recipes emily.

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing all those.. they sound deelish!

Lili said...

gosh ~ everything looks delicious!

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