grandpa mike

Russ' dad, Mike, & his girlfriend Mary drove all the way from Minnesota (24 hours) for the weekend!
Hayes thought Grandpa Mike was pretty cool & they were buddies in no time. 
It didn't hurt that Mike came bearing gifts...

a pocket rocket...

a go-cart bike...
and toys & clothes galore!

they stayed for a few days, but bonded real quick.
it was so nice to have family around & have a doting grandpa for our boys.

we had a jam packed weekend with them & were sad to see them go!
and how handsome is Mike? i just love that salt & pepper beard!
Russ & Mike only lived together for 2+ years total
and it is so nutty to see how similar their mannerisms, habits, interests are.
we love Grandpa Mike!


stacie amber lang said...

Are you kidding? Russ and his dad are TWINS! That pictures of Hayes on a pocket-rocket kills me.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

They look like the same person in some of these pictures.

Emily Dickson said...

I agree with everyone, they are TWINS!

Dasha said...

Ha. I love the photo of your little boy on the bike. My father-in-law has promised a mini four-wheeler to the first grandchild. That's gonna be interesting...

Angela and Enrique said...

Wow, in some of those pictures I can't tell which one is Russ and which one is is dad!

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