play ball

fall is on summer's heels, and with that comes evenings at the softball diamond.
luckily russ has constructed a team of my favorite people's husbands, so it's happy hour for me. 
hayes looking 6 years old eating choking on popcorn. 
popcorn has it out for him man. not cool.
looking pretty ragtag in their mismatched uniforms.
one of my aforementioned favorites, my sister-in-law, Liz.
all photo credit & babe credit goes to her.
the emerald skinnies make their debut.
i won't lie, i sort of love the looks i get when i'm out & about. i usually walk hand in hand with Hayes & carry Cal in a sling - the one above is by The Peanut Shell
i figure most are thinking how crazy i must be, or how happy they're not me. 
but, i am telling you... there is something to having them this close.
 it is equal parts mayhem & magic. 
and i'd imagine it will only get more fun as they get older.
hey baby, don't knock it 'til you try it!

happy happy weekend! 


iamahoneybee.com said...

you're not crazy! I'm very jealous!

Brissa said...

i am in love with your pants. absolutely smitten. you're not crazy at all, most of them are probably just jealous any way.
have a great long weekend!!

Brooke said...

HA! Know what you mean! Every time I leave the house at least three people tell me I have my hands full.

Brooke said...

Then they want to know how old I am.

Hilary said...

I love Hayes' little moccasins! My husband and I are having a baby boy in January and I desperately want to find some moccasins for him. Where have you found them for your boys? Etsy?


Annie said...

I'd be willing to bet your fashionable way of mothering is the most shocking aspect of it all. can't wait to see you guys and your new boy.

Kersey Campbell said...

Love the green pants. Where are Hayes' moccs from? Love them!

Penny in Pink said...

I feel like we should be friends in real life. Here are a few reasons why...I saw an old post where you were with like 6 people I was (kinda) friends with in 7th grade. We both live in Provo (right?). I'm pretty sure my little sister dated your little brother (ask Casey about Holly). And we're both natural birthers, and us girls gotta stick together. The only thing standing in our way is that you dress like 800 times better than I do, but you can get over that right? Oh, and I'm having my second baby 20 months after my first (that's how this comment relates to your post. I almost forgot). But even if we're not really friends, I still really like your blog. I'm an official follower now! (Is this the longest comment you've ever gotten? And the one with the most parentheses?)

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