september 2011

To My Cal:

The first month of your life flew by so fast! Here we are in week six and I am just now sitting down to write you your first letter, of your first month, of your first year of life. It's Sunday afternoon, and like most Sunday afternoons your brother Hayes & your dad are asleep. You're fitting right in with that tradition. As I type I can look to my left and there you are fast asleep on your favorite part of our big couch. You love love love to sleep on your stomach, but this particular nap you are on your back with both arms high above your head. Really, you just love to sleep period, it doesn't matter where or when or how. You are pretty good about sleeping 3-5 hour stretches at night, and many 2 hours naps during the day. At night you sleep in a bassinet by my bedside and during the day, I like you to sleep wherever I'm working. Truthfully, I miss you otherwise! 

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I don't know how we got so lucky, but Cal, you are the sweetest thing. Just like your brother you never cry. Unlike your brother, who was meek and quiet as a mouse you are loud! You grunt, and groan, and coo, and laugh, and yawn, and toot all as loud as any grown man, and that's just in your sleep! Your first week home your dad and I laid in bed and stared at you in disbelief and laughed and laughed. How are such loud noises coming from such a tiny boy? While you are still considered tiny, you are also considered fat fat fat! I could not be prouder to see your full cheeks jiggle when I burp you, or to hear your doctor weigh you for your first check-up in shock to see you had gained 31/2 pounds & 11/2  inches  in a few short weeks. We got in a great nursing rhythm early on, and you plumped up on the double! 

Somehow, you look even more like your dad then Hayes does, which I didn't think was possible. You are so handsome, and I can't get enough of your two deep dimples in your chubby cheeks, and the cleft in your tiny chin. You have the most beautiful long hands that you rarely keep in the newborn fists, but out and delicate almost like your dancing. You love to be tickled and brushed up and down your body and if I ever want to put you to sleep all I need to do is tickle your head and your eyelids become heavy.

We knew for a long time that you would be called "Cal", upon my insistence we gave you a little extra to go off and you're officially Callum Kartchner Frame. When I saw that Callum meant "dove" I felt like it was the perfect fit. When we got pregnant with your brother things had been falling apart all around us, and we held onto him like he was shelter from a storm. When we found out you were on your way, it seemed that you brought peace with you. The things that had fallen apart around us before were rebuilding, hearts were mended and things found order again. Like a dove, you have represented peace, and innocence. 

Now that we're not rookie parents anymore, I can't help but look forward to the future. When you'll offer a smile that's not followed closely after with a filled diaper. When you'll grab my face or nuzzle your head in my shoulder. When you'll know just how much your brother loves you and you can cuddle and laugh at him back. In the meantime, we are enjoying every minute of you. Your brother Hayes especially. He looks at you with so much adoration, and loves to be right next to you. He has never showed a sign of jealousy, or laid an angry finger on you. His smile beams at you, and he calls you "Bubba" (brother.) I can't help but burst with pride.

Whatever we're calling you: Bubba, Chunky, Cally-man, Calabunga, Cally-pillar, we all love you more than all the leaves on the trees. Thank you for choosing us, and for coming even when we didn't know it, because we're so glad you're here!

The world is yours, Cal.

Love, Mom


The White Silk Purse (Dana) said...

Oh I'm glad you're doing this for Cal. I know these notes will be treasures to you and your boys. <3

kate said...

Man oh man. I just love these. These letters are, hands down, my favorite part of your blog. I cry everytime. You are such a sweet and lucky mama.

chari-o said...


carla thorup said...

These letters are sweet. You know how to word things just so. Hayes and Cal are lucky kids.

Heather Lee said...

I need to remember to check your blog bc I love it. I love your sweet letters to your babies. I really liked how you described your mind bouncing off of each kid making sure you have everything covered. Keeping track of both is a challenge when they can both walk. Sometimes I have to check my backseat (while already driving) just to make sure both kids made it out of the grocery cart. I can see why 3 tips the scale. Two is manageable (arguably).

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