looking back, some of the best advice i got pre-2kids was to not create any expectations for myself or my boys. isn't that the truth in just about any situation? expectations, even when expertly communicated, can be dangerous. you just can't control life (or people) like that.  it's a lesson i re-learn & re-learn.

we're carving a new typical around here & so far it is so so sweet. lots of cuddles and loves and books and dancing & heck yes it's slow moving, and the day can draaag, but it works well for us.
let me tell you what's not typical though... 
i don't usually do bedtime in leopard booties. i know, weird right?
i got home late from a hair appointment with my sister (Bethany @ Salon K) & figured this is probably the best bedtime stories will ever look so we better snap a pic.

on a separate note i took a couple days last week & checked off nearly all my requirements for fall, but on a budget. i'm pretty proud & it felt nice to do something i love that's 100% just for me.

bright pants:: tomato red F21.com $14.50 (seen above), emerald green $17.99 & cobalt $17.99 both jcpenney.com
thrifted silk secretary blouses & button ups:: somehow i scored designer labels like Halston and St. John (all under $5 each.)
leopard lace-up booties (shown) for $25 gojane.com


Shelly Hyde said...

Em, you are looking hot and under control!!!

aubry. said...

stop it with the hot red skinnies, will you? you kill me.

Emily Dickson said...

I've been meaning to do the same thing! I just need a day or two and get all of my fall clothes and I will be set. I love the booties! Forever 21?

chari-o said...

Bethany was right! Banging ;)

natalie holbrook said...

but WHERE FROM!? your hair looks amazeballs, and i am jealous of your hotness. peace out!

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