the life of hayes

i wasn't sure what to expect with nursing Cal.
for Hayes the first 3 weeks were painful. like clench your jaw & fists while trying not to scream.
the things we do for our kids, i tell you what.

this time around, it wasn't as intense, but the initial latch never felt real great.
mix that with some flow issues... 
(Cal liked a gentle stream, but he was getting a fire hose. hence these cheeks...)

once he was on, i'd be darned if i'd let anything break it.
in addition Hayes doesn't exactly *excel at listening in high stakes situations.
so, for a few weeks if we were outside during a session, 
Hayes had free reign to do as he pleased. 
 he ruled the roost if you will.
i had the camera out on one of these occasions - because i couldn't actively parent while nursing, but - pictures? i can take those no problem. ha.

first, he helps himself to a puddle of sprinkler water. he gets soaked in the process, so continues to run through the grass until he is drenched. 
wondering if he's going to get busted. no? she's not moving? giggity.
checks out the sprinkler pressure. 
makes his way to our  secondary gravel driveway & finds an nearly empty can of soda.
makes his usual "aaaahhh" noise after a sip or two. 
wet pants can't take the weight and start to slide. he uses a super safe box of high voltage electricity
to help him wiggle out of the pants that are impeding his important business matters.

ditches said pants & loses a shoe in the process.
heads back to the soda can.
even though he was equally terrifying & entertaining at times, 
i am glad those first weeks of catatonic-don't move don't even breathe-style nursing are over! 

*he fails, always.


Anna Culp said...

i laughed so hard, because this little photo story could be about my daughter any day!

Brissa said...

hahaha. this play-by-play is hilarous. what a little rascal.

Emma said...

so so funny.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

oh this killed me haha love it.

robin said...

this is pretty great...

jenny redford said...

ha. this is awesome. he is adorable.

Sarah loves it all said...

So funny Emily! Your kids are so darling. I had the clenching your fists, grinding your teeth, tears running down your cheeks nursing experience this time around. No good. Luckily things are getting better. I haven't been over in forever as I've been adjusting to 2. Hope the adjustment is going well for you!!

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