Hayes, month XVIII

Hayes is 18 months and, for the record, over the last month he:

-must dress himself
-must feed himself
-gets super excited when he gets new shoes
-loves to count things
-plays the best air drums in the car and hum to himself
-loves to dance, and twirl... although a full 360 degree twirl takes 25-30 seconds.
- has become exponentially more attached to his stuffed pooh bear.
-loves to list people, animals, etc. - donald! daisy! goofy! minnie! mickey!
-has his own way of saying just about any word in the book. except "baby" & "mama"which are clear as day. the rest are either shortened versions or not even closely related.
-still loves to cuddle and give kisses. he'll give you 10 kisses in a row & end each one with a "muah!"
-has a mouthful of molars
-starting to look more like mama and less like daddy
-doesn't like mama to do things for him. he'll spend 15 minutes with a pair of pants before he'll let me put them on him.
-loves his friends, especially his neighbors "Goosie" and "Co", loves to play & has the best throaty/raspy laugh when he's having fun.
-has ah-maze-ing bedhead ---->
happy 18 months baby boy!