this week

well pals, this week, life wouldn't keep waiting for me to get the hang of things. i just sort of had to get moving. work is in full swing, my mom's getting married in a few short weeks, there's just a lot to do again. 
with a vacation coming up in less than a week & my 6 week check-up giving me the "go-ahead" i figured i'd probably start working out. two of my buddies have a "trainer" (an iphone app of some sort) and i've been working out with them. an hour of lifting weights, and hour of cardio. it's no joke and i can't walk, lift, take a deep breath, to prove it. but weirdly - it feels good! 
i'm excited to get in shape, and while i will be nowhere ready by the time i'm sitting at the beach next week.... ah who cares? 
i can't wait to be at the beach, and from what i hear from my west coast friends, it's hot hot hot!

here's some goings on from this week:
labor day dinner with grandpa kelly.
you can sort of see the magnitude that are Cal's cheeks. sort of.

we got our canvas hung.
then we hung a picture from every stage of marriage below.
wedding day, one sprout, & two.

another favorite from the shoot with Nicole.
and i finally got my hands on Jude! Jenna and I were a month apart for our pregnancies and i loved every second of it with her. 
i went three weeks early & she went four, so they're just a few weeks apart!
she's my go to girl on everything in life and now our boys are here, and i can't wait for them to be buddies. 

we've got another jam packed weekend and then a few days to try and pack for a week on the beach with two kids. any tips for what to bring a 18 mo. and 2 mo. old for the beach?
is D-Land worth it? SeaWorld? is tylenol with codeine legal for the long drive? so many questions!
happy weekend!


Cason and Marie said...

Oh, he is cute Emily! Such a chunk. I want to kiss those cheeks!

You might already know this trick...but bring baby powder to get the sand out of the cracks when Hayes is done playing in the sand. It helps so much! They look a little ghostly after, but he'll be relieved! Have fun!

emily+brett said...

boy do i know about a road trip with kids. we spent 15 hours in the car with perry and steele just a few weeks ago. also spent sometime on the beach. thank goodness perry did well. bring a pump so you can feed cal in his car seat (you still have to pull over to burp but it saves time). try to time feedings and diaper changes with filling up with gas. we always topped off when we needed to pull over for the kids. bring gas drops for when they are upset. don't give them the full dose, just enough to get the binki in and keep them happy. i always tried to stay on top of their needs as to prevent any melt downs. sit in the back with both of them. i brought a breakfast tray for steele to color on and i brought playdough too. it really helped him pass the time.

as for the beach. bring a flat bed sheet. tuck in the corners into the sand. this gives you a lot more sand-free area than a towel does. make sure to have shade. an umbrella or canopy of some sort. try to keep the babes out of the wind. it causes air bubbles and tummy aches. bring lots of toys of course. you'll have a blast.

so many people probably think we're crazy for taking infants on vaca. but i say why put your life on hold when your kids are the ones who make life!

good luck!

Anonymous said...

tylenol it works for plane rides so my guess is that it could be used for any modes of transport. legality aside I'de say it's key in keeping your sanity.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

tylenol it works for plane rides so my guess is that it could be used for any modes of transport. legality aside I'de say it's key in keeping your sanity.

good luck!

jenna said...

Don't worry, im crying. I love our boys and I love you. Count me in on the working out in a few weeks. Over the fat! Where did you buy the canvas?? Have so much fun at the beach. You'll do great. You're a natural!

Jessica said...

Oh Disneyland is so worth it...but so hard with a little baby.

So worth it though. What a toss up :)

alondra said...

What dates will you be in SoCal? A special event at Disneyland called Mickey's Halloween Party starts Sept. 30th & tickets are $49/person (as opposed to the regular million dollar admission prices) Info here:


& Here:


Brandon and Katie said...

your family is soooo cute! i love you all! :) we drove to cali this summer and i was a little nervous how steele would do sitting in the car for that long so we (as in brandon) ended up driving through the night. if you feel comfortable with that, it was nice to just let him sleep the whole way. although brandon was worked the next day after taking 2 energy drinks + a 5 hour energy. haha the way home we drove during the day and steele did fine! lots of snacks, introducing new toys, movies on the ipad, music, etc. you'll do great! have fun

.caroline armelle. said...

i feel you. we are going to cali for a week starting sunday, and we are driving too. we are doing disneyland and sea world. it will definitely be crazy, but so worth it to see the kiddos faces there.
good luck on your trip!

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