when Zara's PR team sent me this little white box, my mind was racing.
what on earth could it be?

it ended up being a collection of photographs - all 50 states 
and the collection was called "Dear America"
"cute!" i thought to myself.

cute enough to pin them all onto a piece of MDF board and put up in Hayes' room even. 
thankfully, i read the very last card. a voucher to shop very first
on their brand new (to the US) online store!

needless to say i've been combing the site for 2 days trying to decide what to get.
i may never choose! here's what i've been looking at:

Zara is the very best of the best. Like H&M but 
even more expertly designed & curated.

and it's open for everyone today! go & shop!
and THANK YOU Zara. you sure know how to treat a gal.

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Ashley and Chris Miles said...

How cool is that. Zara is one plus when living in Europe that top shop and mango. Lucky you that they sent you a box I love those pics...you are so creative.

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