this will take her breaf away.

we're back! it was a whirlwind trip, and a lot of work!
with such a busy itinerary (we went for a buddy's wedding), interestingly the long drives ended up being the easiest and my most memorable parts. Callum slept nearly the whole time,
and Hayes was such a good boy. sweetest/saddest/funniest moment: Hayes woke up from a long nap & was super hungry. we were still about 10 minutes away from a drive-thru and he was ooover it.
we looked back to see him just hitting himself over & over. 
he wasn't sure how to communicate his frustration, so he just took it out on his poor noggin. bless his heart!

besides our back seat angels, muffin is task-oriented to a fault & getting quality time from him (separate from said tasks)  is that argument in our marriage. you know, the one that makes you feel like your taking déjà vu crazy pills because it keeps rearing its head again and again? that's ours. 

with that being said, having him to myself for 20+ hours in the car was refreshing.
talking, music, talking about music. it was great!

for memory's sake here's a condensed roadtrip playlist:

♪pickup truck - kings of leon
♪every night - paul mccartney & the wings
♪lost in my mind - head & the heart
♪animal bar - red hot chili peppers
♪on my way back home - band of horses
♪mother - pink floyd
♪burning man - third eye blind
♪fake plastic trees - radiohead
♪some girls are bigger than others - the smiths
♪my moon my man - feist
♪holocene - bon iver
♪lemonworld - the national
♪the little rascals theme song - leroy shield

these songs conjure up tiny moments of the trip that i loved. heated debates on what the heck some girls are bigger than others is about*. trying not to cry during mother. i don't even like pink floyd, but that song is super sweet. listening to burning man (the whole album really) because we ALWAYS do on trips. marveling over bon iver - that's some serious poetry, people. listening to feist and trying to contain my butterflies about her new album out in a couple weeks (!) while animal bar was on we looked back to see Hayes just air drumming away. and hearing the little rascals theme song at least 6 times because Hayes watched it at least 6 times. i brought a handful of DVDs and that was the only one our portable player would recognize. cool. needless to say, we have it memorized and have incorporated many lines into our everyday jargon.

jimmy & jamie's wedding weekend post to come!

*we think it's about boobs.


in morse code said...

oh my goodness i love that pic of Cal. cute face! And kudos to you for traveling with a baby. Last time we tried driving just 4 hours away was horrific. Tips maybe?

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

"I'll trade you my pickle for a nickel..."
"How 'bout two cents?"

Erin said...

I can't believe it! I just read your story on Design Mom, and our babies were born on the same day. In the same year. Only I think your labor story sounds a lot better than mine, we'll say that. Many moons ago, I worked with you at a company called BrightBuilders--I think we've reconnected sometime in the past, too. Anyway, the connection of our babies' births was too uncanny not to hop over and say "Hi." Enjoyed your narrative.

rebecca said...

umm. em.
you were on design mom today....

to say you have made it is an understatement.

congrats girl, you deserve it :)

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