the jimjam slam

i have still yet to find my picture taking mojo, because as i have discovered, and as i have heard many a time in the last 8 weeks, i have my hands full. excused!
but, i got a few, and jess got a few, and instagram friends got a few, and put that it together & bibbidy bobbidy boo.

our first day, we hit the beach for a moment. only a moment as it was 65 degrees. 
Hayes chased the birds & got super annoyed with the sand all over his hands.
the men were adventurous & actually got in the water. brrr.

the next day we had the rehearsal dinner.
a kickball game! and delicious mexican food.
again, a wintry 65 degrees. good thing we brought some warm clothes!

where there's a buddy, there's a frisbee:

let the games begin:
hayes at bat! he rounded the bases on russ' shoulders, pre--tty cute.
not a single one of these people are married to each other
alex, jess, jenne, trent

due to some negligent scorekeeping, team Winterton lost to team Everson.
the next day Jimmy & Jamie got married!
i stayed at the beach house with the boys, but does she look stunning or does she look stunning?
i don't even have a word for how flawless & timeless she is. 
move over grace kelly.
lawn games & snacks at their clubhouse:
and a reception in the Everson's perfect backyard:
not sure of the origin of ring around the bride buddy circle dance...
maybe something about inviting her into the inner circle? 
or maybe just for the laugh. 
there was an amazing dessert bar & an organic ice cream stand.
Hayes dug it.

first dance
the cake
and our little wedding memento:

somewhere in the weekend, the men took off for Jimmy's bachelor party and stayed out super late (early.) when they got home we were all still up, we had talked for hours. 
i love each of those girls & am so glad to have them! 
they brought us home a box of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, so we all stayed up a bit longer and huddled over the plates with forks. i loved every second of that night.

we had such a great time with all the buddies & their wives, i count CeLisa as a wife, because we wish she was & she acts like one. even though her and trent aren't even dating, alas. as russ says " she gets the Js" (jokes) which is the highest compliment he gives.
none of our friends have kids, and they were so incredibly patient with our boys.
we never felt like bringing them was hindering anyone's fun or a drag in anyway.
they all love them so much and take such good care of them. Hayes & Callum are lucky to have them!
as for Jimmy & Jamie. during the wedding dinner i was holding back the tears all night.
i've known Jimmy for a long time and seeing him so happy does my heart good.
one more down, two more to go & the buddies are officially balled & chained.


Emily Dickson said...

This wedding looks so beautiful! I just looove the lights!

PS: Is your skirt sequin? FAB!!!

jennie said...

I love your skirt?! Zara??

Emily Frame said...

thanks guys, and good eye Jennie. Zara!

Kellee Marie Cook said...

great post, thanks for sharing- wish we could've been there! she looks so stunning and Jim looks so happy. all good things.

and I love the last sentence of this post. 2 more to go!

Penny in Pink said...

This is what I mean. Jimmy was my ballroom dance partner in 7th and 8th grade! (And I totally had a crush on him). But I don't recognize your husband. Weird.

We'll get to the bottom of this eventually, but until then I'll just keep stalking your blog...

adam and jess said...

so glad we got to go on that trip with you guys! i love the frame family!

Jordan P said...

I was a wreck the entire day too! Those two just warm the heart. It was so good to see you and your cute babes!

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