dream v. reality

just following my SIL Liz's lead and getting some real cute self-timer shots.
this was during Russ' double-header night for softball, just me and the babes for 12 hours straight.
my reality changes daily, on this particular day reality was
little piles of laundry strewn all across the couch.
if i could put away one of those little piles every couple hours, i was pumped.
wet hair pulled up straight out of the shower & not a lick of makeup
shirtless Hayes because shirted Hayes surely got marinara sauce all over him.
maybe from the outside this day's reality might seem pretty dull, boring, maybe even a little depressing.
so when i look back at this day and smile, i must have made the right career choice, no?

 Hayes giving one of his famous "my baby, muah!" kisses.
he hears the camera timer beeping
heads to the sound / gets a flash assault
hangs out some more
bedtime rolls around 

 some Jake and the Neverland Pirates to hold him off until I can make a bottle.
why is it always J&NP that's on?
leave the laundry for just a little longer so i can try and coax out some smiles from Cal.
nothing is more rewarding then seeing those two dimples! did you know Cal is the world's most professional night owl? he is. 
russ FINALLY gets home & i can recount the day (yep, laundry is still there), which takes about 35 seconds cause there isn't much to say even though i only sat down to nurse. isn't that such a crock? 
Cal finally dozes off, we head to bed and somehow morning comes faster than the day before.
who knew that this particular morning when my tired eyes would check my email in bed to see a handful of emails 
"Emily, you're on Design Mom this morning!"
i was totally surprised!
to have Hayes' birth story published by one of my favorite sites? now, that is a dream!


Anonymous said...

love the self timer photos. tired, laundry is around, spills, no make- up... but that is life and it should be captured just as much as a great moment in time.

Nicole Christensen said...

these are my favorite types of posts, and you do them so well and so often. REAL.LIFE. Its so beautiful.

Gaby said...

so cute! and congrats on being featured on design mom :)

jessica kiehn said...

I cant believe thats your hang-around-the-house-all-day outfit. You look so chic!

jenni lee said...

Where o where did you get that picture hanging on your wall? Thats my wedding song!

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