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this post is sponsored by Sibu Beauty.
i incorporated their sea buckthorn berry moisturizer into my daily regimen 
& am sharing a few of my facial beauty tips below!
i was super impressed with the product & have seen improvement in my skin's appearance overall.
really, how can it not with a bio like this?: 
"With over 190 bioactive compounds, sea buckthorn is an unsurpassed source of Omegas 3, 6, and 9. And it's a rich source of the elusive essential fatty acid, Omega-7, an essential fatty acid vital to collagen production and healthy skin, hair and nails."
makeup companies formulate their products around a certain skin type - normal.
so unless you have normal skin, or you're buying make up that is made for your specific skin type, your make up might not be living up to its fullest potential.

that is why selecting your first layer, moisturizer, is so important. you really want to use it as a way to equalize your face's oils to create the perfect canvas.

Sibu's facial cream is super moisturizing so i would recommend it to people with normal to dry skin.
it will be perfect for me in the winter months when the heater air is drying me out.
mac shadows gel liner & eye shadow base, clinique foundation, bare minerals, revlon concealer, mac powder, nars blush (torrid)
sibu facial cream, bobbi brown lip gloss (blossom tint), covergirl mascara

my usual beauty regimen has changed somewhat since i stopped going to an office all day every day. except no shimmer. that rule is still firmly in place. shimmer is the worst.
depending on what i have on my schedule - my routine changes.
a chill day i will just do Bare Minerals
if i know we're going out in the evening, or if i have a few appointments or outings throughout the day
i'll do a more sturdy job with Clinique base & MAC's Studio Fix powder.
my make up bag might look super impressive or expensive, and i suppose that it is, but i have collected these things over years of birthdays and Christmases.

i am a firm believer that each component needs to do its job well, or what's the point?

i have cheaper eyeshadows and lipsticks and eyeliners but they aren't a part of my daily routine, they get used on occasion. 


for an easy daily shadow i use my fingers! i have a cup full of brushes, but my fingers do the job just fine. a swipe of a dark brown in the outer lid, a swipe of a shimmery bone color on the inner lid and then another swipe of bone over the entire lid to blend.

add a line of MAC's black gel liner, mascara, and Bobbi Brown lip gloss (not sticky in the slightest) and you're done!
it takes me probably 3 minutes to do.

if i'm going out, i've found the easiest (30 seconds) & least wasteful way to switch day make up to night is to take the dark brown shadow from my outer lid and fill it in my whole lid. a solid dark color over your whole lid creates drama with minimal effort. i like the dark brown with a hint of orange in it because it makes the blue in my eyes pop! once i've added the brown to my whole lid, i've covered my original gel liner making it look dull, so i'll redo it a little thicker and with a winged cat-eye on the end. 

the look i get the most comments on is when i do bright colors. i have deep set eyes and with that i feel like i can do crazy colors without looking like a clown. my eyes are so deep set i have to drag some of the outer lid shadow up on my brow bone just to see it.
the Loreal High Intensity Pigment duos are my favorite (shown below) because they're inexpensive, bright, and really pigmented so they actually work. i have a few and love them all. 

my little sister bethany is the queen of daring make up and i love raiding her makeup drawer for that reason.
here's a fall look she put together for me:
 green outer lid with a bone inner lid, gold on her brow bone and black cat eye liner on her upper lid & on her lower lid's inner wet line. she topped it off with a deep wine colored lipstick and to make it pop even more she lines around her lips with blended white liner.

thanks, Sibu & BK!


Erica said...

i love seeing how other people do their makeup! do you mind me asking what color lipstick your sister in wearing? that color is the perfect blend of dark/bright red. (some are too bright for me but this one i love!)

Silvia said...

You and your sister are so pretty. Seriously. Love the makeup.

Emily Frame said...

Erica: it's Sephora Rouge #23!

rebecca said...

i did my eyes like bethany today and loved how they turned out.

thanks dear. you rock.

Jill said...

I love those Loreal shadows as well and I also use my finger! I thought I was the only one and thought I'd probably be lectured for doing so but it really does work well! I love that your day look takes minimal effort and looks so good! Good job mama!

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