not really that messy at all party

a few weeks ago Hayes went to the MESSY birthday party of our little friend Milo.
the whole point of the party was to let the kidlets run wild, get messy to their hearts content & have a good time. such a cute idea, right?! i was so excited for Hayes to go, because if you've ever seen Hayes he is consistently covered in food, dirt, various liquids, etc. i have to be hyper diligent to keep him looking presentable, so i thought this party would be perfect for him & me, to just let it all hang out and not care a bit.

how surprised was i that he was that kid that didn't participate in any of the activities at all?

playing in an empty plastic pool while the others get their faces painted & their wild hairs did.

drinking some juice while the kids race to get balloons of shaving cream popped on their heads.

what the heck are these people doing?
 standing back while they dig in goo for gummy bears.
he had this face on for the whole time. 
so confused and nearly disgusted by it all.
here it is again
here is that messy guy i know and love. i guess if the activities were all food related he would've joined in.

 to see the party as it was intended you can read this post.

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Annie said...

Seems peer pressure won't be an issue for that kid of yours. Reason number 134 Hayes is the perfect child.

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