this week

1. both our boys were sicky & sad. #1 with a case of hand food & mouth. blisters all over his tiny mouth and a couple days later blisters sprouted on his hands & feet too. he was absolutely miserable for a few days. #2 with a double ear infection. sorry Callum, looks like you got my bad ears, too. we were told by the pediatrician Hayes would be pretty sad for a solid week and not to go anywhere as it is crazy contagious. yesterday when he actually took a bite of something other than milk softened graham crackers, i nearly broke down into tears. i am so grateful he's feeling better!

2. my mom got married! and every last one of my siblings was here. it had been years since we were all together. so amazing & of course, post to come.

3. late nights & sock buns with friends. 

4. late nights for work. we're working on a whole overhaul on Bijou Market's branding, i lit-rally cannot wait for the reveal! Jenna is a magician. Russ has had a few extremely late nights for his work too. he's pulled a couple 3-4 am work nights and then gets up and goes back at 8 the next day. oh, the life of the self-employed. he's up to his ears in work, which is a great problem to have for our bank account, but sad for his poor body & me & the boys since we don't get to see him as much.

5. friends getting married (Daile (& Lindsey) above) which always makes me happy. and in contrast, i lost yet another friend to addiction, which breaks my heart. russ and i were calculating and that's 7 good friends from my high school. addiction is such a destructive disease that leaves so many families devastated. 

6. Callum is getting cuter by the second. he has become so so smiley & after his round of antibiotics is happy as can be and sleeping great. he has already become such a ray of sunshine in our lives - we all can't get enough! and look what finally fits him?! his first pair of freshly picked moccs! thanks again, Susan!

7. and finally, this weekend, something i look forward to like Christmas - General Conference. it has become such a source of peace and guidance in my life. 

have a good weekend, friends!


aubry. said...

1. anxiously awaiting wedding photos.
2. if i could duplicate myself, i'd make a utah county aubry because it seems to be the place for fun with friends.
3. lit-rally had me laughing. ha ha laughing.
4. did call get over that snorty-breathing sitch? THAT was heartbreaking.

Emily Frame said...

yes he can breathe again! halelujah!
rachel zoe effects my vocab a little too frequently.

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