mom wilson

my mom got married last week, it was a party and they are so very happy!
when people ask me how i feel about my mom getting remarried, or my dad dating, or what have you... 
it had been so many years of discontent, so i can honestly say,  i am just happy that they are happy. it's about time, you know? 
i suppose that's a product of being happy & settled in my own life-- i hope that for all my loved ones.
Scott treats her like gold & i can't ask for anything more!

weird that i have a step-dad and step brothers & sisters? absolutely.
will i call them "My Mom's Husband", and "My Mom's Husband's Kids" indefinitely? 
for sure i will.
Quincey was killing me all day. 

no one fawns over my kids like my nieces!
"oh baby Cal! look at her, he's so cute!"
a little pronoun confusion never hurt no one.
sisters helping sisters
me, Bethany, Charity & Elizabeth
you can tell Hayes was miserable by the look on his face-- even with a cupcake, he couldn't be consoled. note: at this point we didn't know he had hand foot & mouth (he just had the sores in his mouth, our pediatrician said it was just a bad cold..) or he definitely wouldn't have been in out in broad daylight.

and here's what the bridesmaids were supposed to wear.
my mom is definitely a product of the sixties.
she *just* had a brain tumor removed so we'll let it slide.

mozel tof Scott & Kit Wilson!
photos by Liz & me.


emily+brett said...

where did you find hayes' pastel pink shorts?! adorable!

Emily Frame said...

i bought them on super sale when i worked at gap, probably 6 years ago! i saved them in my "baby box" and now they fit him. crazy!

Jewls said...
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Jewls said...

I love wedding pictures! Congrats to your Mom, I wish them all the happiness in the world. :) My older brother just got remarried, so I kind of understand how it's weird to have "step" family members now (she had 3 boys so now I'm their aunt?).

Also, I LOVE Hayes' gray sweater, it's adorable and a beautiful color on him. :) You've got some good lookin' kids.

Nicole Christensen said...

You look like a beauty, Em, even in Kits pick for a BM dress. Im happy you are happy that she is happy.. did i get that right?

Gaby said...

so sweet, neither of my parents are re-married but i kind of wish they would. some step-parents wouldn't be so bad. p.s. you and your sisters are so cute!

Brittany said...

My husband was reading/looking at this over my shoulder and thought you and Bethany were identical twins.

Seriously though, you guys are both ridiculously gorgeous. Big congrats to your mom!

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