anniversaries for cheapskates

when i blew our anniversary fun budget on a whole new engine for our car 
we decided to keep things low key. read: cheap.

 all Russ wanted was my famous to him anyway beef stew. adapted from this recipe
adaptations being that you must add red wine vinegar, and you don't really need peas or cornstarch.
all i wanted was a nap and time to read my book club book - The Night Circus.
after dinner at home, we headed to the Chocolate for a Cazookie
then to try out Starbuck's Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. (meh.)
and shop at the only store open after 9 pm (go Utah!) Target.

i really feel like Russ considers Hayes not only his son, but his good buddy.
he spent a hefty amount of time picking the perfect car out for him. making comments under his breath like "i think he'd dig this one."
and then he found this awesome hat below. 
he bought it and said "i'm going to make this hat my thing."
if you see him around town, ask him where his hat is, cause he hasn't worn it since.☺

we wrapped it up with the free version of our anniversary tradition & watched our favorites from last year's Austin City Limits (Decemberists, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kings of Leon, Broken Bells & Warpaint). the whole night reminded me that we really don't need much to have fun together, we never have. but, if we're going to spend much more time being brokeasajoke we should probably work on being more imaginative in the planning department.

happy anni muffin.
also, happy 700th post to this blog here. 


Jene and Megan said...

Cute post and Happy Anniversary! I love low key stuff like that...I mean, I love to go out and have a big "to-do" too but it's nice to know you don't need all the glitz to celebrate being together. =)

Tysie said...

Happy Anniversary - sounds like a memorable one for the simple fact that it was just that - simple! Those are the best...

moxiemandie said...

Happy anniversary!

I have to say that my own hubby has gone through that hat thing a couple times where he has to have it & then never wears it, but behold- there is hope. He bought one about 3 weeks ago & I've seen him in it several times since. ;)

emily+brett said...

your stew looks divine. i love big chunks of carrots like that. thanks to you i'm now craving a pazookie from the chocolate and stew. and it is 10:30am. great.

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! just being together is what matters, not how much you spend. at least you guys recogonize that.

yeah visiting Utah this weekend from CT/MA had me scratching my head... walgreens didn't open up until 8am! seriously!?!?!

Silvia said...

Happy Anniversary!
What is the book you are reading? The link didn't work for me ... and I'm always curious as to what everyone else is reading at the moment.

Nicole Christensen said...

I love anniversaries/birthdays/holidays spent like this. Happiest anniversary to you two lovers dovers.
On a side note, i highly dis-agree with the "meh" following your Starbucks comment.
I'll leave it to you weather or not you want to come to our Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate party this winter. I live for it.

Emily Frame said...

I fixed the link. Silvia, but it's the Night Circus!
Nicole- I'm with you on the salted caramel love boat. My "meh" was given because their hot chocolate wasn't salted caramely enough! I like it to be intensely salted caramel flavor.

Angela and Enrique said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys! I am totally laughing about Russ saying he is going to make that hat his thing. I can just hear him (and Jace) saying that!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! peppermint hot chocolate has salted caramel beat by a mile.

elizabeth kartchner said...

I'm glad you didn't listen to us when we tried to talk you out of marrying russ! haha ha! ;)
Russ is such a gem!


kgrutty said...

Would you elaborate on this note about adding the red wine vinegar, por favor?

I'm making it later tonight!

Emily Frame said...

Of course kgrutty!
I eliminated the red wine altogether because I didn't have any on hand. So I did 1/2 cup of red wine vinegar & 1/2 of stock in place of the red wine. Good luck, let me know how it turns out!

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