just sorting through photos and man! am i behind.
gotta start somewhere, how 'bout pumpkinland?

the boys

 the parents
my hair is in the awkward surpreme stage. i just wear it up daily now, except when my elastic breaks... cute!
Hayes was really into these guys. 
goats are super funny- i wouldn't mind a goat or two at our house!
this one made me laugh, they even stand the same!
like father like son.

i really love days where we can both take Hayes to do something fun for him.
i have a lot of guilt that he's not getting the time, patience, fun and learning from me that he deserves, so i hold tight to those happy Hayes moments. 
everyone says it gets easier to take two babies out alone & i am looking forward to that day!


Brandon and Katie said...

We have 2 pigme goats. They are fun! Bring Hayes over to play with them. They love kids.

Steoffrey said...

So cute! Hayes' outfit is to die for. Also, I'm pretty sure my hair is the EXACT same length as yours (and has been for the last 18 years, ugh.) It's the pits.

Nicole Christensen said...

I like the new LIKE option, but i still think commenting is the best way to show you like, right? Everything about fall activities is the best, wouldnt you say?

Anonymous said...

cute photos! Love that they are standing the same way

krystal said...

I love your outfit in front of the corn stalks... Where are your shoes from, I've been looking for some just like yours for months now... Thanks, krystal

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