camera shy

this post is sponsored by Camera Shy Photography.
Camera Shy is a new studio photography shop in Lehi, Utah. they had us come in to check it out & snag a session. it's a super stylized photography studio and they took awesome care of us.

sort of a hilarious side story :
 the day of the session Russ came home from work with a 3 inch long scratch, a nail gun shot a random nail and it skimmed his forehead. scary!
then, literally walking to our car to go to Camera Shy, Hayes tripped and faceplanted. his first bloody nose and fat lip, ever, minutes before our photo session. what are the odds? i couldn't stop laughing, after he was done crying of course.

let me take you through their process...
first, we started by scheduling a session online - you choose the type of session you want, the date and time and they send you a confirmation e-mail. we did the immediate family session.
when we went in for our session they were so great with Hayes. he is at a tricky age for this type of thing, but you can tell they are professionals. they had him (who is always shy and reserved at first) smiling and laughing in seconds with their bag of tricks.
they snapped away and got several frames of a handful of different settings/poses. we got great pics as a family, pics of just the boys, and pics of them individually. our photographer was easy to work with, gave clear directions and was all for a certain shot i was looking for. they offer an outfit change, but as parents of a 19 month old, that would be a rookie mistake. you just keep plowing through until he hits the wall, you know?
when we finished, they get right on the upload/editing process. you can wait in their lobby or run errands, and then after 30 minutes you get to go through the session and see all your awesome pics!

and done. seriously, it's that simple!

they send you on your way with a  CD with 30-60 edited images and the copyrights to them, all for $89. they also have a great printer on site for enlargements and at $4 for an 8x10 sheet, you really can't beat that type of one stop shopping!

here's some of our faves:

and you can't beat these faces:
thanks Camera Shy!

what we wore:
Russ// button-up & jeans F21// boots VINTAGE
Emily// tank OLD NAVY cardigan TARGET pants c/o ZARA shoes GOJANE.COM
Hayes// under tee AMERICAN APPAREL striped long sleeve VINTAGE jeans GAP wellies HUNTER
Callum// tee VINTAGE jeans H&M moccasins FRESHLY PICKED


in morse code said...

super cute family. your little boys are darling.

jessica kiehn said...

cal is HYSTERICAL in all of these! He looks so concerned.
Love the colors, this place looks great. Too bad I don't live in Utah!

Anna Culp said...

great pictures! (and no evidence of injuries:). where did you find such fantastic vintage tees for your kids?

Anonymous said...

you are such a beauty, em! i cant believe how fast Cal is catching up to Hayes! Almost seems impossible. I cant wait to be a family of 4 like this.

Anonymous said...

aaaaand, that was from Nicole, not Dane. Awkward.

jenna said...

haha i'm dying at 'danes' comment. funny nicole!

but it's true. you are a natural at this two kid thing.
i admire you in more ways then i can count.

Logan said...

Dave, Lennon and I just went there to get family photos on Friday! We got that whole deal for $79, plus two free sheets of prints. It was great, we loved how quick the process was, especially since Lennon is such an antsy little lady. AND we ended up with a bunch of great pics. :)

You guys are such a cute family!

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