insta ♡

God bless these phones of ours for snapping simple moments we'd otherwise miss...
forgive me instagram friends, you've seen these already.

from the last week; left to right, top to bottom:

hayes holding dad by the root.
an instax of Cal's blessing day.
the boys sleeping in our bed sunday morning.
killer boots man.
hayes in his favorite place on earth, the nuts & bolts aisle of home depot.

half baked bliss.
the damage done (the back is pretty bad too.)
a box of goodies brought over by Liz to cheer me up. are we seeing a theme? (emotional eater.)
Hayes and his fancy graham dipping cup
a creepy wreath made from dollar store supplies.
Russ and Cal on the hayride.


carO__ said...

I love the "life's moments" theme to these pictures- it's so true half the time the best memories are those times you don't have your camera ready!

I also LOVE the hair pulling pictures and love your choice of ice cream! Have you tried their milk & cookies flavor? INCREDIBLE!

elizabeth kartchner said...

Glad you liked the box of goodies!

I missed a lot of these on instagram so it's fun to see them! LIke Hayes dipping the graham. I am dying!

Nicole Christensen said...

I feel bad for relying on instagram for so many things, but then again, why would i feel bad? more often than not the pictures turn out better than with a camera, and thats coming from a so called photographer. and like you said, we would miss so many things with out it. long live instagram.

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