the Christensen's hosted the perfect kick-off for fall a few weeks ago: a hay ride in a beautiful orchard!
 bread bowls of chili, bottles of crisp root beer, warm mugs of cocoa
a blazing fire for roasting s'mores.
p.s. don't you love when your kid does the stiff as a board body slide off your lap? 
the worst.
Mr. Christensen took us all around their orchard on hay ride and it was a blast. 
he drove fast and furious, it was bumpy, at times spooky & exciting!
Bri's face (far left) best captures how i felt on the ride. so fun!
such a fun party, i hope it becomes tradition!
photos by Jylare, an awesome photographer, and new friend who just moved here from California. check out more pics from the party here, and Jylare's site here.


MeganKP said...

So cute! I absolutely adores Hayes yellow sweater!! The photos looks like you all came from a magazine spread!


Nicole Christensen said...

Bri's face does say it all. and you are right, Dane got ca-razy at times. i hope no one went home with any bruises. thanks for being our friends and putting up with our silly party ideas.

elizabeth kartchner said...

the pic of you holding hayes and russ holding cal kills me!! looks like fun!

Bri {collected} said...

Oh gosh. Some day I will have a flattering photo taken at one of Nicole's parties. I look cray cray!

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