halloween playlist for non-children

happy halloween everyone!
reader katie emailed me asking my opinion on a halloween party playlist. 
she specifically said "an edgy playlist sans monster mash." i hear you loud and clear, girl. 
although i downloaded the "monster mash and other songs of horror" album for $2.99 and it is actually pretty good!
as i was scrolling through our iTunes i couldn't help but laugh, musicians seem to sing about the weird/morbid/creepy almost as much the topic of love. 
needless to say i had to chisel away at the playlist until i stopped at 31, in honor of the day.

these songs are either creepy in sound or lyric, will make you dance or make you cringe, but will add to any party you've got tonight!

1825 via Pinterest
spooky couch - albert hammond jr.
to hell in a handbasket - another statistics
cold wind - arcade fire
die die die - the avett brothers
psychotic girl - the black keys
black river killer - blitzen trapper
it's alright ma (i'm only bleeding) - bob dylan
flume - bon iver
the ghost inside - broken bells
42 - coldplay
hang you from the heavens - the dead weather
cannibal resource - dirty projector
ghost of a dog - edie brickell & the new bohemians
to be free - emiliana torrini
graveyard - feist
psychobabble - frou frou
heads will roll/thriller mash-up - glee cast
bandages - hot hot heat
time is running out - muse
spiderwebs - no doubt
the noose  - a perfect circle
where is my mind? - pixies
lady - regina spektor
i see monsters - ryan adams
a night to remember - shedaisy (don't laugh! this song is the spookiest of all, just wait until the end!)
there is a light that never goes out - the smiths
landmines - st. vincent
silent all these years - tori amos
love is colder than death - the virgins
skeletons - yeah yeah yeahs

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