end of october mash-up

each of these events deserves their own post, but who wants to read about october's activities for 3 more weeks? not me! so, let's just get this over with 
(halloween to come later):

the last couple weeks have been packed with fun, here they are in a nutshell...
monster mash at riverwoods
halloween party at shelly's 
harvesting what's left of the garden. hayes will eat any berry, ripe or not. sour!
pumpkin patch love
trick or treating with my boyfriends (cal dash hayes and monroe)
harvest party at church 

dinners with family
dinners with friends
many nights out with Cal while Hayes sleeps at home with a sitter
my aunt marlyn's AMAZINGLY decorated house. every square inch. Hayes was terrified.
Murder Among the Mateys Party - Governor and Mrs. Napier
all the buddies post plank walk

Murder Among the Mateys was such a fun murder mystery party hosted by Jess & Adam. (pics from them.)
the buddies are all pretty theatrical by nature & tyson's wife natalie (right) is an actual actor, so it was so entertaining. courtney the bar wench stole my heart, she was hilarious.

jace & jenne // jamie & jimmy. how amazing is jamie's dress? 
it was previously decided that the murderer would be forced to walk the plank (into a freezing cold pool.) Jimmy was it, but after an hour of wrestling, ripped clothing, and surely a plethora of cheap-shots every buddy ended up in the pool eventually.

goodbye October and hello November! and Bijou Market!
i'll sleep when i'm dead.

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