a.a. milne appreciation day

it was Halloween 2011 & the facts are these (i miss pushing daisies.):

my sister Liz thrifted Hayes' costume for me & the rest of our costumes were built around it.
amazing, right? 
Christopher Robin, Pooh Bear, Kanga & Roo.
my mom's neighborhood does the cutest halloween parade, and the cuteness was sort of lost on me until last year when i had my own little chicky. i vowed, next year! a parade must happen in my own neighborhood. so the evening started out with our own parade. rashelle and i threw it together ever so quickly and it was a huge success!

the candy cannon was the biggest hit that ever hit.
and how great to rashelle & chad look?

i was super busy with the parade stuff so i just gave russ quick instructions when he got home from work: shave your face, wear mid-thigh shorts & a sweater vest and tie.
he did pretty darn good! even leaving a portion of shirt untucked and letting one of his socks "quit" on him... just like the real guy!

Gigi & Cal, Hayes & Lola, the only time Hayes would wear the Pooh Bear hat (while eating & distracted.)
my brother Collin & nieces. their costumes are always hilarious.
i wish i had a full body pic of Lizzy. so good.
parade! this is where that crappy Monster Mash playlist came in handy.
candy cannon!
August and Hayes. pretty sure they're making fun of me in that first one somehow.
cutest Roo.

Hayes can open his own candy, thank you verrry much, that will be all.

we finished the night off with market street grill's clam chowder (homemade) with family.
hot chocolate and donuts around a fire with friends.
a couple bushed kids.
and a movie and hayes' candy for me & muffin.