so i was getting dressed in our closet the other day & put on, yet again, these waxed effect trousers from Zara. i mumbled something to myself about how amazing the C.P.W.s must be on these pants when Russ walked passed overhearing me and said, 
"Yeah, seriously, you're looking at like a twenty cent C.P. dub."

observations and confusions about this conversation:
1. how does Russ know what CPW stands for? (Cost Per Wear)
2. how does Russ know what Cost Per Wear even means?
3. how does he feel comfortable enough in his knowledge of CPW to shorten it to CPdub?
3. how does Russ know that i've worn these pants enough to pretty accurately comment on their $.20 CPW when Russ couldn't point out a single other item of my wardrobe in a line-up if our lives depended on it?

he had me laughing for the rest of the day. the guy never ceases to surprise me, so i shouldn't be so confused i suppose. 

it's all true though, i have worn these pants at least once a week since i got them in september. each time i wear them, i get compliments and questions. everytime they end up on this here blog, i get even more. so here are the facts: stretchy cotton with a waxed coating - they're not waterproof & dirt & dust stick to them like a swiffer (but come off easily with a wet wipe.) they look incredibly close to leather, comfortable as leggings, but still substantial enough to keep you taut and supported where leggings fail. the gold zippers on the inseam (calf to ankle) were a happy surprise, they don't show them on Zara's website or list them in their composition, but they're still cute. Zara sent them to me as a gift, but i would buy them in an instant because as previously discussed, the CPWs are impressive. 

let's set up the scene below:
setting up the ol' timer to get a pic of them (although i could've just used the ones here, here, here, or here.) and within seconds Hayes had chucked the remote off the balcony. 
the last image in the sequence, captures my thoughts well i think: sweeeet.
pants C/O Zara  sweater hand-knit by my Great Grandma Kay.