burger + smize

Hayeser has been such a little sweetie lately, and after a solid week of some serious grumpiness (molars? pre-teen angst?)
it felt like a reason to celebrate in his way.

Hayes enjoys many things, but nothing quite as much as a 5 Guys burger & free reign at a thrift store toy aisle. (much better than regular stores, because there's no packaging to deter him.)
we asked him on the drive if he wanted nuggets at Chick-Fil-A or a burger & he
said over and over, "bu-ah!" which is his word for burger.

which sidetracks me...when does the lazy-talk stop? he shortens literally every word he says except for maybe 5 of them. 

anyway, he ate half my burger and probably 20 fries.
usually double-fisted.

by the end he is always covered in condiments.
fry sauce being his favorite, much to russ' dismay as he is a ketchup purist.
and see that take-out cup of vinegar down below?
the whole thing got spilled all over my lap.
 i'm generally used to being spilled on, but sometimes i'd like to just make it out clean you know?
then we headed to the local thrift store to let him go to town with some second-hand toys.
let it be known that when he's done he gets baptized by disinfectant. 
callum, also a little sweetie, slept for pretty much the entirety.
i did my usual perusing & would occasionally become irate at whomever kept walking passed me that smelled disgusting & then realize it was myself & my lap soaked in vinegar.

also, happy to see that russ caught me mid five guys high.
similar to a runner's high, i've been told, but cannot confirm as i've only experienced a high of the five guy's variety.
i hit my burger eating stride & i am loving life.

what an awful pic, right? y'welcome.


elizabeth kartchner said...

you are hilarious em! love reading your posts and laughing! xo

Nicole Christensen said...

I love days when we submit ourselves to dash completely. These boys deserve it, don't they? They are so sweet to put up with all our French fry-less lunch dates and non-toy store shopping. It's good for our souls and for theirs to have a night fully dedicated to their desires. And I totally hear ya on the thrift store toy isle thing. Heaven for these kiddies.

Anonymous said...

best photo of you ever. :-P

Grace said...

so happy I found your lovely blog - and can I just say I celebrated with Five Guys on Tuesday of this week - my good lord is it GOOD!


jessica kiehn said...

you are hilarious. the way you describe things is just too much. I love it.
Hayes keeps getting cuter and cuter, i can't believe it.

Dumb Mom said...

Oh how I miss me some 5 Guys. Since sir peanut allergy showed up here it's a thing of the past. Boo.

Jesse said...

five guys is the best. need more meat in my life and my belly.

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