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two elsewheres today!

first: guess what is next weekend, and then the next weekend after that!?
the other founders and i are posting our market gift guides and you can read about my picks here!

everything is coming together nicely and i am working furiously each naptime & a few hours after bedtime & maybe during a daily screening of Aristocats. maybe.
because i have the most supportive readers on God's green Earth, i figured you would want our official flyer & button so you can post it on your own blogs. and you would probably also want the link to our newly launched Facebook group so you can join & RSVP to Provo or SLC, or both.

and second:

want to play a little game?
head over to must-read, must drool over blog, The Daybook for a pretty easy round of "one of these things is not like the other."
that thing would be me. guest posting on Sydney's blog. just tucked in there with the likes of
i mean. i know this doesn't quiiiiite cut it, but thank you for having me Sydney!


Haley K said...

hi there Emily! I came over from Sydney's blog :) I loved the motherhood moments you shared. You're so right, the first week holds such a tender magic.

Your two little ones are darling! I took a peak back on some of your recent posts and it looks like you guys made some stellar salmon, a sweet sunday, and had a wonderful halloween :)

oh and our little boys (your oldest) are just 4 days apart! yay for march babies :)

Erinn T said...

Emily, I just headed over from Sydney's blog and I have to tell ya, out of all the guest posts she's shared this week.....Yours was my Favorite! You most definitely "fit" in!! :)


Someone In Mind said...

Totally new follower from the Daybook. Love your photo she shared. Is there anything better than a new baby?



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