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i feel like i have found the secret to my success, and that is gratitude.
it is the answer to just about any quandary and if implemented, can solve or lighten most of life's trials and hardships.

i have so so much to be grateful for, number one being a healthy family. (of course, we've been sick more times than i care to count in the last few months, but those illnesses are nothing in comparison to what others live with on a daily basis.)
russ, hayes, and a minutes-old callum.
my friend Kami lost her little girl Afton this week - born incredibly early weighing in at just 12 ounces. 
at times like these i feel incredible sorrow for friends, immense gratitude for my blessings & a sense of "what can i do to help?" even though her incredible battle against the odds was lost, with the help of modern medicines in the NICU and other departments, they had several days to spend with her. with the "what can i do to help" question still lingering i was excited to hear about Helping Hands Bank - a breastmilk donor system that helps sustain the lives of infants in the NICU.

maybe you're like me, a deep freezer filled with unused breastmilk, i may use some, but i could never use all before it expires, if you're like me you'll be glad to know there are local options. Helping Hands Bank makes it incredibly easy and they will pick-up or ship your donations for free!

Click here to learn more about Helping Hands, or maybe just keep the Bigler's in your prayers, they could use them!

i hope you all have a lovely thanksgiving!!


emily+brett said...

i'm feeling incredibly grateful as well right now. i wish i had milk to donate but i hardly ever pump. what a great cause!

fun seeing you at bijou. loved meeting little cal. everything looked great. i'm sure it was a huge success!

Someone In Mind said...

I"m so heart broken for Kyle and Kami {I know kyle, but not Kami} I started praying the minute I knew she was born.

Heartbreak is so difficult, but finding gratitude despite the trial is an awesome gift.

I love hearing about Helping Hands too. What a great service!


carl and em said...

i have been reading her blog and it breaks my heart. little afton looked so much like crew it brought back all the memories. she is one amazing girls that for sure! send her my love.

Sarah Larsen said...

OH! Kami is so sweet! How heartbreaking! I will be praying for her. Wish I had a freezer full too. This time around I'm having to take supplements just to have enough. Loved seeing you this weekend. You're a gem.

Logan said...

Aww, this just got me all teary-eyed. I think Afton has made us all more grateful for our families and precious children.

I think that's awesome about donating your milk. I was only able to breastfeed Lennon for about 10 weeks due to low supply and super thin, watery milk that could never sustain her (even after continuous pumping and trying all the foods, supplements etc that are supposed to help). Maybe next time I have a kid, I'll just call you up and see if you have any extra milk lying around. ;)

Please thank Collin for the wonderful photos and video of Afton. I've just been watching the video over and over today and crying-he captured so much sweetness and tenderness it's just palpable.

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