last week

last week was pretty intense!
on top of the usual preparations for the big Bij, all four of the Frames got a crazy contagious stomach bug. Hayes was first, i got it the next day, Russ got it the day after, and Cal got it the day after that.
basically a 1-3 day Occupy the Toilet type of thing - if you catch drifts. it was the worst timing ever & if i had $10 for every time i got barfed on, i would have had an extra benjamin to drop at the market.

anyway, here are some pics of the madness. 
*Russ making market totes with us. he would never admit, but he loves to be crafty.
*poor sicky Hayes.
*Rashelle on Fox news talking about Bijou! their studio is so incredibly small, so Rashelle graciously accepted the live TV challenge. (i'd rather watch the birthing scene in Breaking Dawn again.) 
*speaking of Breaking Dawn, Rashelle got us tickets for the night before it opened, and we figured what the heck. we earned a night off. so we went! and it was Weirdchestertonfieldville, Iowa.

during the craziness, i could not have done it without Russ. he is such an MVP in the Bijou Market undertaking. Bethany watched Cal at the market 16+ hours, my mom clocked 8, and Russ' brother Mitch came in town to help him finish up a job and was awesome too. grocery shopping, carrying Cal everywhere, making sure he didn't roll off every surface i put him down on. Cal ROLLS EVERYWHERE!

other MVPs include Rashelle & Nicole. who keep it fun & keep me from going crazy. 
and Station 22 sandwiches.
delicious little life savers!
Cal for being such a sweetie, not ever crying, doing his best to sleep with loud Christmas music with bumpin' bass, throwing up all over the place with a smile on his face. he's an angel.

and this little munchie. i missed him so much. 
and of course you want your kids to be happy with or without you, 
but hearing Russ say he just wasn't the same boy without me around sort of warmed my heart a little bit.

more on the weekend to come! 


Diana Amy said...

Such exciting news for Bijou Market! I was just checking out the website and wishing I lived in or anywhere near Utah so I could see it in person!

Someone In Mind said...

Blast the FLU!!!! I hope you are over it for the rest of the season.

Stupid Flu.

Megan and Justin said...

cue pictures! the flu is the WORST!

Emma said...

what a terrible time to be sick! the market was fabulous as always, it was fun to see you!

Alvaro said...

hope your flu quickly out and leave soon..

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