to ensure adequate time was spent with our ever-growing/dividing family, thanksgiving was strewn across three days:

first, my mom & scott hosted an edited version of our traditional thanksgiving dinner and it was delicious. scott is such a good cook, and the way to em's heart is her stomach, so he's more than alright in my book!

after dinner they pulled out twenty little bowls of candy, royal icing and little graham cracker houses for us to decorate. it was such a fun night and we all enjoyed it as much or more as the all babies did. 

hayes basically just sucked off all the sugar on the gum drops & then handed them to me to put on the house. it's funny how he lived his whole first year of life sugar free, but has more than made up for lost time since.

the next thanksgiving meal was with my dad at tucanos. it's truly amazing to me how much i can eat at that joint. it was a good prep for the real deal the following day. after dinner we took in riverwoods' amazing lights. millions of them. riverwoods has ruined me for all other light displays. also hayes' first encounter with santa - who gave him stones (knuckles/rocks) that blew up! hayes was dazzled. also, dazzling hayes were the plethora of boobies to check out at victoria's secret. he stood at this door for several minutes. 

finally, after russ' annual morning of turkey bowling on thursday, we had another awesome meal with my mom's side of the family. 
unfortunately, hayes found the little cups of peanut m&ms before we even blessed the food, and regardless of how convincing my "mmm! sweet potatoes!" commentary was, he just ate the m&ms. all night. that's it. 

friday, we lounged like true loungers. no black friday funny business for us. unless you count iPad online shopping in long underwear - which is the only way to go in my opinion.  
and! hayes and i went on a date, just us.
also sprinkled throughout the weekend were extensive amounts of play time with 
Gus & Dash while moms were busy getting work done.
their favorite pass-time was to see who could scream the loudest
& then laugh hysterically.
FYI: "working from home" is an oxy-moron.
and ravioli holy canoli, tomorrow is december?!

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Anonymous said...

impressive amount of running around you did for thanksgiving.

hope you have a great day.

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