music + a move

remember how i thought i would have time to sit and enjoy the holidays?
haha! jk! lolz! rofl. 
we're moving! 
(just two cities to the south, but still a moving a house full of stuff is a treat regardless of distance.)

so while i work on that little project, you can read a little guest post about how i remember the reason for the season over at Someone In Mind.

hint: it's how i do just about anything in life. MUSIC!
it made me remember a post i wrote 4 years ago with my favorite christmas songs 

honestly, not much has been added to that list. 
except "Silent Night" by...
wait for it...
the Beebs.
seriously. you've never met a more anti-bieberite than myself
but when i heard it playing at bijou & nicole had to physically show me the iPod before i would believe that it was truly him singing - i love love love it.
it's such a sweet little rendition.

so, excuse me while i aimlessly walk around the house a few more times before i settle on a place to start packing.

happy weekend!


Someone In Mind said...

I SERIOUSLY almost bought the Bieb's Christmas CD yesterday.


I've bought about 14 new CD's this year. I was trying to restrain myself.

Now I'm heading to the store.

Here I come Justin!

(And we will just pretend that I didn't watch his movie 6 times.Pathetic.)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your move! I hope that it goes smoothly. They are alwyas such pains but I hope that this will be 'easy' and you can made that place a 'home' quickly.

erica said...

oh emily, good luck with the move.
moving is never easy. hopefully it all goes smooth.

and yes, i love the jb christmas cd...but i am a fan so i guess i would like it regardless whether its really good or not. ha.
(gosh i sound like im 15 years old)

Diana Amy said...

Girlfriend, I moved from the upper east side to midtown west in New York and almost died - you're moving TWO TOWNS over?! Bless you.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of "someone in mind" - what a beautiful way for people of different walks to share their faith as we celebrate the birth of Christ!

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