minute to win it

for this year's annual johansson holiday party,
they put together a slew of "minute to win it" games in addition to the usual 
white elephant. (we got the mole back, ew.)
perfect for those with a short attention span,
those who hate all games in general, due to some weird emotional scarring contracted from monopoly, kevin. (hi erika!☺)
those who are weirdly competitive in battles of no importance.
if you just want to make a fool of yourself & laugh until you cry, may i suggest
games like:
 dropping coins into a shot glass at the bottom of a big bucket of water.
pulling as many tissues out of the box as you can.
scooping cotton balls into a bowl.
scooting an oreo from your forehead to your mouth.
sucking jello from it's little cup using only your mouth and no force from your hands.
(so much harder than it looks & the world's most iron-clad blackmail. thankfully, the video was shot on my own phone.)

parties from yesteryear:
not the party just Russ' unbeatable ugly sweater.

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robin said...

you hang out with the most attractive people. i once dated a guy who had ALL beautiful friends and i used to call them all "melrose place". that's what it's like reading your posts about your get-togethers!

and i am loving this idea. the cotton game is pretty fun with kids, too.

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