au revoir twenty eleven

i say it at the end of every week, month & year. time is flying!
2011 was a year of surprises & growth. my shortcomings are glaring, but i know i gave a darn good fight & i feel the ignition to do better. that's what i love about the new year & all it represents.
in 2012 i resolve to read more books, eat healthier & exercise, speak kindly of everyone, be a more loving wife, to always keep doing and avoid paralyzing discouragement. to reach for my scriptures, for my Heavenly Father, for the atonement. to be purified in it.
to be a reliable friend, an ever-present mother. the kind who shows her boys how to enjoy life. 
the kind of woman who loves fiercely and lets the unimportant settle where it may.
photography by Danyelle

while i already wrote my resolutions down with a twistable crayon, #classy, i'm excited to print off this Resolution Kit designed by Run Lucas Run to make it extra official!

hello 2012, happy to have you!

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