the brothers frame

Callum is nearing his 6 month mark in a few weeks and for the last year+ it's been 
a sort of mile marker for me. so many mothers with siblings close in age told me a version of:
the first 6 months are hard, and then you'll love it.
 while we have loved every single hour of it, it really is hard work.
so i've kept my eye on that 6 month moment in time, and i can't believe it's nearly here! like i was told, it really is getting easier each day.
these boys without a doubt, with Russ as my witness, are the best of friends.
they want to be where the other one is.
they laugh and laugh at one another's antics.
they cheer each other on in their accomplishments.
(and freak-OUT when the other has their toy.)
cuddles and slobbery gummy kisses and wide-eyed grins are exchanged all day long.
i'm sure any siblings have these experiences, but for me it is the greatest reward for all the moments i feel like i'm just terrible at this.

his "Marla Hooch" face // giving stones (which i have confused many a-time for punching, and Hayes has had many a confused "time-out" for it as well.)

 sweetie Cal
Hayes showing him the ropes:


Stephanie said...

These pictures capture such a beautiful moment! I love them all :)

Happy New Year

xo Stephanie

Tiffany said...

Cal is the cutest! Those cheeks are the best.

Emma said...

they are the cutest together.

Elle Keeps Moving said...

your post title appears to be a play on a dostoevsky title. and i like it. gotta love a fellow english lit nerd.

Courtney Snowden said...

Kinda funny story...kinda long story...
We are looking for a house and I was browsing ksl.
I was scrolling down and saw a listing for a house that was already gone, but the title of a "stylish house" caught my eye and I looked at said house anyway.
The pictures were hip and the house was hipper (perhaps not a word)
But alas... hip house was gone.
Then a few days later I was on a blog, that took me to a blog, that took me to a blog, that took me here.
And lo and behold... you are hip house!
I did bijou market last Spring, so I should've known that hip house belonged to a hip girl.
Like I said...kinda funny story...kinda REALLY LONG story
Glad to have randomly come across your blog :)
Happy New Year to you and yours...

chari-o said...

oh my goodness, that cheeser! I haven't seen Cal's smile before. so cute.

Diana Smith said...

wow 6 months already? I am excited for you! Mine are close too and my 2nd is only a month old so I am excited for them to love one another like yours do

Jennie said...

Cuuuute! Happy 6 months to your sweet baby boy!!!

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