station 22

we were johnny-come-latelys to the station 22 scene. i hadn't had a sandwich of their's until one was brought to me during Bijou Market. let it be known i made up for it & had a station 22 sandwich for every meal the rest of the market...

anyway, Russ still hadn't tried it, so we finally made our way downtown.
their sandwiches are made from local or sustainable ingredients, their menu is seasonal and either all of this impresses you (Em.) or makes you roll your eyes (Russ.)

whether you're impressed or rolling your eyes, it doesn't matter, go & enjoy their thoughtful & unique menu! i have yet to have anything less than delicious.

Russ with the German Bratwurst sandwich (all the way up his alley.) // Me with their Club.
I've also had the Indian Summer (ham & brie, and almost like dessert.) The Memphis (spicy fried chicken & cabbage. it almost taste pickled. MOUTH WATERING.)
also they have a surprisingly tasty assortment of baked goods.
the ghiardelli brownie & the butterscotch rice krispie were our faves.
Hayes gives it his seal of approval double fisting a chunk of mine & Russ's sandwiches.
he didn't eat ALL those fries, but he came pretty close.
the kid can pound.
Cal enjoying his usual pairing of binky + play ring. excellent choice, Cal. 
he tops off most meals with a cat-nap.

finally... do you read the man repeller?
she's outrageous. i loved her new year's eve outfit idea.
not so much the sequins, because nothing has been done more than sequins on NYE,
but the sweatshirt under the blazer?
loved it! (copied it!)



Chelsea said...

I hadn't heard of it, but I checked out the website and it looks delish. I'll be heading over.
Thanks for the recommendation.

chari-o said...

um, that stroller what is it?

Silvia said...

Garrett rolls his eyes when I talk about anything that has the words local, sustainable, or organic attached to it. But I gotta try this place!

Abigail said...

absolutely love your blog, so cute! I second Chari-O's question, what kind of stroller is that!?

Emily Frame said...

It's Orbit! We love it!!

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