warm fronts + flashbacks

when Christmas came & went and there was not a flake of snow to be found, i was a little disappointed.
but, then we went to the park in the middle of winter. and it was sunny & beautiful & 60 degrees.
i'd say that's a fair trade, winter.

Cal lo---ved the swings.
 Hayes loved the tunnels & slides. 
and put his hands in his front hoodie pouch & all the sudden looked really old.
this park is basically in my mom's back yard, and i grew up going to this park all the time.
sledding down the hills.
candy stands. [my mom would take me to costco & buy some bulk candy and then i'd sell it at the park. such an entrepreneur for that summer when i was 10.]
Y riding bikes or rollerblading the track.
playing kickball & volleyball.
loving the playgrounds. i have such great memories here & i was so happy to watch the boys love it too.

january, we love you.


Jodee Luke said...

Selling "candy" to the little ones at the park eh? Your boys are the cutesy!

Emily Frame said...


Emily Frame said...


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