went like this:
a belated birthday brunch for Nicole.
frittatas, spinach pancakes, brunch burgers, and the world's best biscuits & jam.
they named them that because it's true.
i know i said before that their portion sizes were on the small side.
when it comes to brunch i was more than stuffed. i ordered the brunch burger + biscuits + plus apple crumb cake. ($20 for all.) 

 that night we met up with my dad & sister for pre-dinner and my second burger of the day at 5 Guys. oof! and then actual dinner & a fondue party with a couple of my oldest friends & their families. now you see why i wore leggings (cheetah ones, that i got made fun of all day for), i needed some elasticity for this marathon eat-fest.
we kept up Hayes to his latest ever hour of 10:30, and he actually did pretty well. then got home tucked the boys in, ate treats in bed, & finally watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. 
oh man, we both loved it! is the general consensus that it could have been two more hours of Ryan & Emma? agreed.

a little kiss at midnight and we were the happiest of campers.
it was definitely our kind of night. unbelievably, we actually had a babysitter lined up, but we canceled the last minute. we both just like doing things with the whole crew. is that weird?
maybe it won't always be like that, but for now...all or nothing.



Emily said...

Can I ask where the amazing leopard leggings are from? :)

Emily Frame said...

forever 21!

Lindy said...

You look darling and totally skinny. Your boys are growing up and get cuter and cuter. My goodness, what a darling family you have. Miss you!

Emma said...

i love communal, i need to try their brunch! those biscuits look amazing.

Fox and Sparrows said...

I was the same way this NYE! It was all four of us or nothing! I love it like that- not saying I don't want alone time with the hubs but a holiday is perfect for family time in my mind!

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