neon trees

hello & how is everyone? good, good.
i am knee deep in disarray thanks for asking, but i felt impressed to send my regards
and even give you the breaking news that a real life post is on its way.
you know the kind with pictures that aren't instagram's sloppy seconds. maybe even ones used with a different device than the one i tell to remind me to buy more bananas.
"thanks, siri!"
"it's my pleasure, emily." is how it usually goes.

if you're wondering what knee-deep disarray looks like:
in general, there's a lot of cardboard around.
a lot of baby wearing, many thanks to the Lulu Wrap by Elle-M-N-O-P
and a lot of debauchery of the Hayes persuasion because he figured out he totally can and i stopped caring after box 25.

the first & only item of business in the new digs until moving day was to put up our christmas tree.
it made it feel homey in a hurry!
and if you'd like to take a peek, or if you've ever wondered about my christmas trees of yesteryear, 
i am talking all about it with my favorite Natalie the fat Ratalie.
she's got a lot of top-notch guest post-ers (C.Jane, Daybook babe Sydney, Liz of Say Yes to Hoboken, Emily f'ing Henderson and surely more amazers to come) & then me also.
but isn't that how all my guest post duties are?

and if you're wondering, Natalie was absolutely the first person, after Russ, that I told I was pregnant with Cal. her jaw literally dropped and so i waited a couple more weeks after that to tell anyone else, ha! also, she's the only blogger who i have actually cheered for while reading a post. i got up from my chair, standing up at my computer pumping my fist and "hoo hoo hoo" ing. it was the Meg Ryan post. and i just loved it. one of the few blogs i actually enjoy READING and then skimming pictures, not the other way around. anyway, read her blog, love it & then read all about my tree this year while you're at it.


chari-o said...

i love your neon tree. and i can't believe nat that fat rat knew about Cal before me. boo.

Elle Keeps Moving said...

woot woot! thanks for the shout out. you wear it well, girl. good luck with the move. we've done many a december move. no fun.

natalie holbrook said...

YOU ARE SO NICE. and do you know what an honor it was to know first? like, no really, i took that quite seriously.

jenna said...

i lOVE it!!! and now i have a striped christmas tree skirt as well. my tree was missing something and now it's perfect. brilliant idea.

LeRae said...

New follower of your blog~ I was blog hopping and found your blog. What a cute family you have! Your boys are adorable and I love their names. I think we must have went to the same highschool cause you look so familiar to me...^ ^ anyways excited to check out Bijou Market next time I visit Utah!

from South Korea
Vanilla Day

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