split the split

last weekend we met up with family at riverwoods. we've been loving it there, each weekend there is usually something fun happening. and if all else fails, there's always Ike's Banana Splits.

some of the party people: Avery & Bethany. didn't catch anyone else, oops. 
my chunky cally. we thought we would have to  buy him a whole winter wardrobe,
but turns out he's already on his way out of 6-12 so he'll be nestling very nicely into Hayes' old winter clothes.

 start of the split:
 end of the split:
Hayes is all about climbing up op on stuff. it's so cute at the library
when i'm holding Cal & the story time ladies are giving me the stink-eye.
so cute.
we also went on his first carousel ride.
he picked the elephant.
he loves to make the trunk noise (spitting)
and say "EEEE!" when i say "elephant starts with?"

 a little bit dizzy, perhaps?

hope you have a great weekend!
we're moving out & the moving in, kick your feet up and relax for us?


Tyler and Kendyl said...

I am cracking up at your stink eye comment. Love it. I was the stink eye lady, before having a kid of my own. Now I totally sympathize!

Kersey Campbell said...

We miss that carousel! It was one of favorite things about Provo.

robin said...

my sawyer and your hayes are the exact same age, but my goodness hayes seems so much older! i mean, look at him sit there at that table with a spoon and a banana split! sawyer would have thrown that thing on the ground after throwing his spoon across the room and climbing up on the table.

Anonymous said...

I love your lipstick

sinika said...

I love cute Hayes and his Tom's. I just bought my boys some for Christmas and am so excited for them to start wearing them...

P.S. Kiitos is thank you in Finnish :)

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