on the eleventh day

of Christmas my new digs gave to me:
primetime TV!

with the TV being on the bottom floor we've found that our TV
watching has skid to a complete halt. we just don't watch it anymore, which is so great.
but, we haven't stopped watching the silver screen altogether.
with the boys on the top floor (and us on the main) we felt that a better baby monitoring system (then just using the ears God gave us) was in order. 

little did we know that the dual video monitor would be our favorite sit-com.
Hayes is such a crack-up when he sleeps.
he is constantly re-situating himself, flip flopping to all corners of the crib.
limbs hanging through bars.
pooh bear's little head sticks up a few inches higher than Hayes all night & is a dead giveaway when we're trying to figure out where Hayes actually is in his crib.
he looks directly into the monitor for minutes. like he knows that we're watching him.
the last few naps he's put up a blanket over his rails so we can't see him at all. 
smart little turkey.
Cal's show is pretty much a nightly re-run and only good if you're in the studio audience.

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Someone In Mind said...

OH my gosh that naked sleeping baby picture is priceless. So cute!

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