on the tenth day [alice lane]

as is customary with moving, we've hit our standstill.
most everything is unpacked, but most everything needs finessing.
our dining table is filled with stacks of art and prints that need to be hung, but i just can't commit.
we're taking it one room at a time, and the reading loft/office area is next on the list.
we started with these floating bookshelves that i spotted a few years ago
in another kaput magazine, ReadyMade.
while i love the idea, and will love it more once it's full, i can't help but think our collection looks way less impressive outside Russ' built-in masterpiece.
luckily around the same time i hit the decorating wall, i attended Alice Lane's annual
Holiday Social! you simply can't be in a square mile of Alice Lane and not be inspired.
it is such an amazing space, filled from floor to ceiling with home goods i'd kill for.
here are some pics from the evening:

most darling invites:
what i go to parties for:
rolo + pretzel sandwiches. dangerous for a salty/sweet combo lover like myself.

friends! Susan + Nicole

 most amazing biscuits & strawberry + basil jam to take home
a killer gift swap. i made out like a bandit.
yep, there's those pants again.
and my buddy Caitlin, who you may or may not know as Hue.
of Hue + Hum. the inspiring blog where i live vicariously through their 24/7 creative existence.
they just cut a Christmas album.
which is so so good. 
Russ deemed her "just like Jolie Lindholm" (of the Rocking Horse Winner, which is pretty much the highest compliment Russ can pay.)
once again another awesome evening, thanks Alice LaneKirsten 

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Caitlin said...

I've never listened to the Rocking Horse Winner! Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing the love Emily! Merry Christmas to you and your fam :)

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