on the ninth day [tiffany & co.]

of Christmas my new digs gave to me, the perfect space to dream.

i wrote earlier about how the move would be giving us a scenario to save up for whatever it is we choose to do with the rest of our lives together. it's been so nice to just dream, and not have so much to factor in to those dreams. just me, russ, and the boys. the possibilities are endless.

while we're talking dreams, i've been drooling over at Tiffany & Co. all day. 
how's that for a segue?
did you know they're bringing their beautiful store to Utah?  in the heart of downtown SLC a luxury shopping center called City Creek Center is being constructed and it has an awesome line-up of stores including T&Co. set to open March of next year. 
it is looking promising and beautiful!

Tiffany's and I have partnered up for the next few months in preparations for their move to Utah. look out for a monthly update until the grand opening and i'll even give you a sneak peek at their store before it's official opening.

i feel like Tiffany & Co. is sort of the dream standard when it comes to being a bride, and after scouring their site, i found so many beautifully special pieces for any occasion.
here are a few of my favorites:

atlas dome men's watch
notebook diary 
frank gehry "leaves" ring 
(frank gehry is hands down the most incredible architect i can think of. you can see some of his sculptural architecture here.)

i'm also a huge fan of the initial pendants by Elsa Peretti.
i'm sort of smitten with that "R" especially, which is fitting, considering.
i think putting your family's initial all on one chain would be amazing-looking.

want to hear a funny story? 

when i got my wedding ring, i was under the false impression that 
a yellow diamond was the same thing as a citrine.
like how you call a tissue kleenex or vice versa.
i didn't know anyone with either stone, so i was basically flying by the seat of my own naivety.
when i would tell people that it was a yellow diamond i would get the most confused looks.
(like, why is this girl driving a 1994 land rover (our first car) & wearing THAT ring?)
i finally looked it up to see that no, in fact, dear sweet 20 year old Emily, your ring is NOT a yellow diamond.
when i saw Tiffany's version of my ring, and the $665,000 price tag, it made me laugh/facepalm at my stupidity.
let it be known that my ring is a citrine & i am in l.o.v.e. with it.

prices range from $50 up to the millions.
order by 5 pm today & get your little dream by Christmas!

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Erica said...

santa brought me the elsa peretti "e" a few years ago. timeless piece that i wear all the time! love it!

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