on the fifth day

of Christmas my new digs gave to me:

a headache.
i can't find anything these days.

where are the curtain rods?
we ate our pride and push-pinned curtains to the wall.
Hayes has been getting up at the unholy hour of 7:30 am (usually 9:30) and something had to be done. Hayes is loving listening to Brite tapes lately. how retro of him!
and the wrapping paper?
paper towel wrap job with a washi tape bow.
thanks again to Aubry! who hand delivered 12 beautiful rolls of washi.
the only other person who understands the magnitude of finding washi tape in an actual store and not just online.
gratefully a trip to ikea should cure all that ails us.
curtain rods, wrapping paper, rocking moose & crusty cinnamon rolls (that smell amazing, but i always regret.)
 i especially love trips to ikea with Russ.
he gets into character and says all
the swedish names super loud & we get weird looks
and i have to do the cross-legged-partial squat-pee-stopper dance because i'm crying-laughing & the only bathroom was at the corner of Ecktorp & Karlstad we'd have to swim upstream like trout to get back there. 

have a great weekend my friends!


aubry. said...

Prettiest wrap job ever.

Jordan P said...

I was just at Ikea on Saturday, drooling over the sweet smelling cinnamon rolls and said those same words. Never ends up being quite as good as it smells...

chari-o said...

ah bahaha! that is totally like my ikea experiences.

Andi said...

that aubry, always pulls through in a pinch. love the wrap job.

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