on the sixth day

of Christmas Tepanyaki gave to me:

food poisoning.
i feel terrible! we canceled our whole day's activities because i can't be too far from the toi-toi. 
never again, Tepanyaki, i shake my fist at your general direction! so bummed to miss out on a morning of Christmas shopping (solo) & Bri's cookie exchange. here's hoping i feel good enough to get this evening to finally pay it forward.

what is "it" you ask? while we were out to eat the other night our whole bill was taken care of by a complete stranger. we sat in shock & then smiled ear-to-ear the rest of the night.
people are so good. it will be a fun night of scouting out the perfect little family to surprise with a free meal.

but now for the real reason of the post, thankfully on the sixth day of Christmas my new digs gave to me,
a large jetted tub. nothing makes me feel better than a hot bath. even a bath with Cal-baby, because who gets to take a bath alone these days? not me.

he looooves tub-time. if i leave the faucet trickling he'll stare at it until the water runs cold.


erica said...

that tub looks amazing!

we had our bill taken care of at the roof once for our anniversary. we too, smiled the entire night afterwards.
isn't it amazing how something so simple as picking up someone elses tab can make them so happy?
it motivated us to return the favor :)

so fun to do that, especially this time of year.

hope your feeling better today.

Jess said...

I'm hoping (praying) that we have a tub like that in our next home. Unfortunately, we will be renting this little place for another year and a half due to grad school. Relax in yours for me. :)

Erica+Matson said...

Tepanyaki made my whole family sick a couple years ago. My bro came home from his mission and we went there the first night back. That night every hour we all woke up one by one starting coming out both ends. SOO sick.

Anonymous said...

I have gotten so sick from tepanyaki too! When I was in HS I went one year for my birthday. I was staying over my BF's and I had to ditch his room for the bathroom. I slept on the floor since I knew I would not make it up and down from the 3rd fl to the 1st quick enough. his mom found me on the floor the next morning looking like death. TMI?

I hope you are feeling better!

Jelly of the tub

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