the seventh day [pee-jay part-ay]

i suppose one of the best things that my new digs gave to me was a central location to just about anything. really & truly it takes me 5 minutes to get to most places & most friends.
it's so so great. 
the bank, grocery store, the park, our church building... all less than a block away.

so when the pj party my friends Lindsay & Jenna through started at 10 am,
i left at 9:55. i could kiss you, new digs.

the PJ party went as follows.
amazing breakfast. 
the most BOMB cinnamon rolls ever consumed, by Lindsay Garrett.
milk in jars
reindeer pancakes
my Ham & Brie Strata
a hot cocoa bar

the party
gift exchange
story time
cookie decorating
holiday photo booth
general rambunchery

the favor
peppermint playdough.
we've been playing with it daily ever since.

i love this moment captured.
the gift exchange was sort of rigged, many kidlets just wanted the gifts they brought, 
including Goldie.
i love how she's so surprised, like she had no idea.
 and these two.
couldn't love one another more.
here's mine & Hayes' turn in the photobooth, while Cal slept.
nobody told me that my prop was a bow-tie. 
you can take the mustache out of party, but you can't take the party out of the mustache.
party people:


Mara and Jae said...

i LOVE this breakfast party idea. everyone has tons of christmas parties in the evenings. i love breakfast more than any other meal anyway, so this is the perfect idea! i will remember to have one of these next year.. :)

moxiemandie said...

what a super fun party idea!!! Great photos!

jenna said...

why cant my posts be written as cleverly as yours?! so glad you came. a party wouldn't be the same without you. and your strata.

kylee said...

you and your friends rock it when it comes to parties.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

gosh this post is full off too much cuteness. almost makes me wish I had a toddler :)

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