on the second day of christmas my new digs gave to me

buns & thighs of steel.

in our old house we have a family renting our basement and we occupy the top floor, and minus the occasional trip to the basement food storage/laundry room, i was a no-stair gal.

here's us today:
equal parts of our lives are lived on each floor, 15 stairs between them. i'm almost always carrying 1-2 human children (a combined weight of 44 pounds) or a box or two. such an amazing work-out! i swear you'll be able to bounce a quarter off my keester by christmas.
i haven't even felt the need to bust out the Physique 57 DVDs (which i swear on the holy bible, are worth every penny and second invested.)
i may or may not be known to take a breather part way up.


Someone In Mind said...

My two babies combined are 60 lbs and I am getting pretty good at the stairs with both of them. I need a spot in the middle so I can take a breather.

So fun to be in new digs!!!

Kersey Campbell said...

Guess I need some stairs! Or the DVDs...I am curious..why the move? Didn't you guys own the last place? Do tell!

in morse code said...

keester....haha!! i'm loving all the pics of your new place. keep them coming!

Ashley Miles said...

Em I think the last time I heard the word Keester was my Grrreat Grandpa...ahaha kudos on the word I laughed so hard when I read it. You are so funny.

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