on the third day of christmas my new digs gave to me


i've had this ginorm poster of Audrey Hepburn (a still from Funny Face)
for 5+ years. i've been carefully storing it waiting for the perfect home for her. 
for those five years there hasn't been a wall big enough, as she is 8+ feet tall.

little did we know our new digs were built for giants. every wall, door frame, counter space
is exaggeratedly tall. like, the ironing board i hung on the back of our door comes up to my armpits when it's pulled down. as in, be careful honey or you might iron your ear.

she makes me so happy every time i see it, and at night you can see her from the street, so even our neighbors get to enjoy her. 

i'm still ironing out the details, does she need a frame?
i figured i (Russ) could build a faux frame around her.
i'm thinking we need a new name for the johnny jump-up.

p.p.s. if i were a camera cord where would i be?
hopefully we're not getting sick of the iphone snaps.


Hilary said...

Ohhhh, I adore that Audrey print. The size is fantastic and an amazing addition to any wall. Well done!


jenna said...

haha that pic of CAL!!!!!!! coming over to see the new place soon i hope!!!

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

OMG awesome for the Audrey photo and even more awesome for the precious photo of your baby!


elizabeth kartchner said...

i'm so in love with that poster!! ah! I need one.

laughing at cal... never noticed the doors being so tall.


carla thorup said...

that picture (especially above your piano) is perfection. and cal hanging so high?! that is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

love the print! love the location!

the poster needs a frame. or you can at least have it mounted on foam core, won't be cheap but then you don't need to worry about edges curling or tack/putty marks on the edges

pic of cal... hilarious!

PS- i'll fly you whereever we move next. you are unpakced in record time- at least photo ready in areas. we moved in June and it's still a hot mess in spots. ouch

Mara and Jae said...

haha oh dear, did an NBA star live in that home before you? that's awesome!

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

no more johnny-jump-up. more like harry-hang-there. i love your white piano, and that print is amazing!

Emily Frame said...

yes annie! good work.
mine was the sammy swing and sway but harry hang there is top-notch.

chari-o said...

those doors are insanely tall. i remember trying to iron some of dad's shirts when i stayed there once. i say no frame, but maybe have it mounted on foam board...or self mount with spray adhesive onto insullation board.

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