family art canvas

we've been working on a fun little (if you call 8 by 3 feet little) family art project
for the toy loft. i wanted it to be colorful and inspire creativity where my boys play most often.
want to take a peek?
and we all picked our own. 
Hayes started first, with his favorite color, blue!
we're not sure if it's really his favorite, but anytime you ask him the color of something he says
at first our clean little guy was unsure of it all, so we gave him a whisk to keep himself a little clean.
after a few minutes he dove right in, and of course had to take a little taste of the paint.
Russ was next with yellow.
then me, with red.
then Cal with green
(i tested the paint out on his little leg beforehand, even if it's non-toxic i wanted to be sure it wouldn't irritate his skin, which thankfully, it didn't.

 he enjoyed himself immensely

after we were done painting, Russ built a simple frame.

stapled the canvas to the frame, with his assistant of course.

and hung!
this was so much fun for all of us. being the over-analytical woman that i am i could explicate on and on about how the colors ended up fitting our personalities perfectly, how our methods represented ourselves at the core, and all that the canvas represents. but, i'll spare you. we love it, it brightened up the toy loft in a hurry and i hope it reminds us to just be ourselves, to be creative, and think outside of the box.

the details:
canvas : $8.00
wood : $4.00
fingerpaints : $6.72


Kersey Campbell said...

That's awesome, turned out great!

Jane said...

i love this emily. everybody contributing and having it free expression. rad.

tallia said...

So cool! I love it!

kylee said...

emily! i am in LOVE with this idea. proof that i am in fact in love with it: i pinned it immediately.

Reenie said...

Very Very kewel .....and has so much meaning to y'all. =)

The White Silk Purse (Dana) said...


jenna said...

Where did you find a canvas this large for so cheap?! So creative-I love it.

You're shrinking.

Emily Frame said...

I believe you Kylee! On the spot pinning is a big deal!

Emily Frame said...

Pretty sure Home Depot?
And stop, my baby gut is here to stay apparently.@jenna

carla thorup said...

this is awesome! you are inspiring me to do something with canvas fabric in mi casa.

carla thorup said...

and that picture of you holding covered-in-paint baby is so sweet. he'll treasure it.

Cason and Marie said...

Love this!! Such a cute idea...and ps. did I ever email you back from forever ago? I thought I did, but your email is still in my inbox, so maybe I forgot??!

Lindy said...

Love it! What a great idea! I love how you guys always have a project and it actually gets done!

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