lately we've been noticing a trend whenever we're eating:
Cal's gaze locked on each and every bite.
here he is eyeballing our morning drink routine - freshly juiced carrot, apple & spinach. 
maybe i wasn't ready to start solids, but he was! 
so we gave him a try:

after the first couple confused bites, he kung-fu gripped the spoon right out of my hand.
decided his plan of action, looking pretty suspicious all the while.
made his move 
 and reveled in his slimy victory
Hayes cheered him on from the little bucket of honey he dragged from the pantry over to the counter so he could have a better view.

needless to say, Cal is a fan of the solids.



in morse code said...

I say when they're ready--go with it! Myer was eating solids at 4 months and I was so scared because everyone told me to wait till 6 months. I look back now, and think, why? If they're willing, why not. hooray for cal!

Griffin and Gretchen said...

O so fun! Yay for cal! Such a cutie! Love those cheeks

chari-o said...

i cannot believe how much Cal looks like Russ--especially his pics from high school.

Yay Cal! Hurray for solids!

Howard Family said...

I just have to say that Cal is the cutest baby ever. In my opinion that's how babies are supposed to look....with cheeks that just go on forever. :) too cute.

Emily Frame said...

Thank you! I agree, cheeks should be large & in charge.

elizabeth kartchner said...

last night I was loving cuddling with him. oh, i miss him already!

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