day thirteen

are you playing along with Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge for January?
it's all the rage on Instagram and today's prompt is "in your bag."
i love this, it's a micro view into your life, and it feels voyeuristic and indulgent, just like blogging i suppose.
i did a similar blog post back in - ahem - 2007. i'm old, man.
here is what's in my bag today, january 13, 2012.
my work notebook
my wallet complete with a driver's license picture taken when i was 36 effing weeks pregnant. so mean UDOT, so mean.
bum cream
baby toys
marc jacob's lola roller
all time favorite bobbi brown lip gloss
my life's MVP - aquaphor
where is my phone, Siri?
pooh bear bandaid to brighten any boo-boo
a fresh Moleskin planner which is my brain substitute
current read - wow i was late to that party, but i love it all the same
my favorite favorite pens
my old current read, until i got my hands on the help


aubry. said...

Oh, no you didn't. UDOT...

Courtney Snowden said...

I jumped on the photoaday bandwagon a few days late...it had totally driven by without me aboard. But come on, I'm from NY, I can flag down a taxi...uh...bandwagon, with the best of 'em :) I'm loving it too! It's so cool to see how everyone interprets the theme of the day. Today I'm feeling empathy for your shoulder, you're carrying around lotsa stuff in that bag o' yours! Such is the life of a mother with babes :)

Courtney Snowden said...

Unsure about all those spaces???

Alison said...

i love those two little fish hanging out

Emily Frame said...

Haha! Weird.

Emily Frame said...

I can't blame 6-8 Oreos a night for my fat pregnancy face!

Emily Frame said...

How did they stay in tact at the bottom of all these contents?!

Someone In Mind said...

As a man thinketh is one of my all-time favorite books.

You are a smart girl.

lexsmama said...

The goldfish! I'm only laughing because I just found a banana in my purse-- A sweet little boy thought I needed yet another snack (aka the mini pear incident of 2009..)

I still haven't read The Help. Sad, I know.

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